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Drew Clark

Pre-Sales Solution Architect, CE & Power Platform at MCA Connect

423 432 0186

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Chris Wade

Delivery Director at NTT Data

'Drew is a dedicated professional and tireless worker. He is performing significantly above expectations on the Florida OAG engagement. Drew has amazing communication skills - he is leading all live product demonstrations of completed by all team members with a diverse and numerous set of client staff, and is able to translate technical details down to the level that end users can understand. Client satisfaction with our performance in front of client leadership and business units is high.

Drew has taken ownership of managing the workload of the other developer staff, and is acting as a manager in addition to his core duties. He is wearing many hats above and beyond what he was brought onto the project to do.

His presence on our complex application modernization project is invaluable. I would be fortunate to work with Drew on any future project.'

'Your ability to demonstrate and explain functionality to a non-technical audience is nothing short of amazing. Your pacing, tone of voice, and all aspects of your presentation skills are fantastic. You stand head and shoulders above anyone else I have ever seen in my 24 years of IT work.'


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