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Deliver a great online buying experience with Sana’s newest ERP Pre-sales Consultant Drew Clark .


Drew puts the customer experience at the core of his approach to providing the highest quality service and solutions. He takes the time to understand the client's needs and points of pain to guarantee a smooth implementation. This not only guarantees a satisfied client, but also decreases implementation time and increases profitability. 

How else can Drew stand apart from other candidates?

creative problem solver

Ability to translate experience to creatively solve client business, process, and application issues. Place a major focus on aligning the client's needs with Microsoft's out of the box solutions to speed up implementation and lower development costs. Create simple and effective solutions where customization is necessary. 

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Customer Oriented

Gain personal satisfaction from helping others and see customer satisfaction and value as true measures of success. Builds a relationship with the client's stakeholders to ensure customer satisfaction.

Technical skills

Able to confidently participate in technical discussions, understand technical issues quickly, and develop solutions. Rapidly pick up new skills as new technology and products are introduced or specific skill is required for successful implementation. Can communicate effectively with developers.


Effective Communication


Great presentation, communication, and client development skills to effectively present information to C-level management, department heads, end-users and additional stakeholders. Ability to convey a deliberate message clearly, verbally and in writing; to listen, to ask questions, to understand, and to generate enthusiasm. High level of curiosity and understanding of customer dynamics and how that might be accelerating or, more importantly, hindering their path to success.

Self-motivated and determined

Self-taught, and motivated to provide the highest quality of service to the client. Passion for delivering high quality solutions that increase efficiency and drive action from insight.

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