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Create a field and add it to a form Dynamics 365 Lesson #3

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

How to create a field and add it to a form

Step 1 - Navigate to your system's solutions

  • Click on Settings, located on your Site Map - The bar that runs across the top of the Dynamics 365 user interface and lists the system's entities

  • Click on Solutions

  • Select the solution you use for customizations. I will be using my Example Solution from the previous Lesson.

Step 2 - Open the Main Form for the corresponding entity

  • Select the drop down next to entities from the list on the left.

  • Select the drop down to the left of the corresponding entity.

  • Click on Forms and then select the Form with the Form Type "Main"

  • The form should open in a new window

Step 3 - Create a new field

  • Click "New Field" in the bottom right corner of the form window

  • Fill in the Display Name

  • Below the Display Name, the Name (Logical Name) will auto-fill, this can be edited, but be sure to use Camel Case. Note: This logical name can not be changed later

  • For Street Address we will use the Data Type "Single Line of Text"

  • Leave the other default values as they are

  • Click Save and Close in the top left

Step 4 - Add the new field to the form

  • Navigate to the Main Form from earlier and refresh the page

  • From the Field Explorer on the right side, drag the new Field to its corresponding position

  • Click Save, wait a few seconds afterwards.

  • Then click Publish

  • The field has now been added to the form!

You're finished! If you would like to see the other field types, see below and check out the link to Microsoft's Documentation on field types.

Types of Fields

  • Click here to see the different field types



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