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HempWorks USA, LLC - Shopify Website, Inventory Management, Payment Processing & Marketing

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

On Aug 15th, 2021 I started building a shopify website, inventory managment system and payment processing solution for Hempworks USA, LLC.



  • Evaluate website/inventory management needs based on business

  • Recommend/Develop a website based on evaluation

  • Recommend/Provide branding/logo/graphic design solutions

  • Create product images

  • Integrate payment solution - Square Space

I completed the website on November 11th 2021.


Client Description:

HempWorks USA, LLC is a US/Canadian based nusery, wholesale manufacturer and distributor of hemp derived minor cannabinoid distillates. The canadian branch grows the flower, extracts the oil, and ships the concentrated oil to the US for futher processing. In the US the oil is further processed and separated into the minor cannabinoids; CBD, CBN, CBG, D8, D10. These minor cannabinoids are then sold as highly concentrated bulk distillates or recombined into blends based on customer preferences or end user benefits. The customers are whole sale manufacturers of gummies, tinctures, gels, confectioneries, shots, beverages and topicals.

Website selection:

The client had an existing website, but lacked the ability to manage inventory and process payments. Shopify provided the best solution because their existing website was simple and would be easily recreatable, and Shopify provided inventory management and the ability to be integrated with multiple payment options. Wix would have allowed for more customization of the website's UI, but lacks proper inventory mangement and shipping options.

Website Development:

Shopify is not as easy as Wix to spin up a quick and sleek out of the box website, but makes up for it with their product creation and management. Development of the initial website architecture only took two weeks, but the client's graphic design development, and adjustments took a few months. I only had to make a few minor code modifications to get the product collections to not use an overlay color. For any future client that may need a nicer looking website without inventory management, I would suggest Wix as an affordable option and React with a shopify back end as a high end option.

Branding, Logo & Graphic Design:

Based on previous project experience and my personal businesses, I always outsource logo and graphic design work through . There are a few excellent graphic designers that can provide quick and simple logo creation for under $100 dollars. I worked with the client to determine what branding they wanted to keep or modify, and coordinated with the graphic designer to create high quality images in multiple formats and variations that could be used for other marketing purposes.


Logo Examples:


Product Collection Examples:

I coordinated with the client to find another graphic artist that matched the clients style and asthetic preferences.


Product Images:

I travelled to the US based distillate processing and distribution plant to take product images on site and then processed the images in Adobe Photoshop.


Payment Solution & Website Sample Images:

I used Square as the payment processing solution due to its ease of integration and ability to process transaction related to the sale of hemp derived products.


Final Result:

It was a pleasure to work with this client and look forward to seeing them grow. Please go to and let me know what you think about the site! All feedback is welcome and may help the client!

If you or someone you know needs a website(custom, wix, shopify), inventory management system, or wants to modify an existing website, please scroll to the bottom or CLICK HERE for my contact information.


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